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5 Tests To Check To See If Your Pet Is Sick From The Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Oz and his dog Rosie were with the Vet on Dr. Oz today to give us the 5 tests to check our pets ourselves.

1. Flip the lips — gums should be bubble gum pink.
2. Flip the ears — look in the ear canal, feel for heat, if you see black with little white thing moving around, they are mites.
3. Rub the ribs — feel along the ribs starting at the base of the neck and work your way all the way down the spine, if your pet whimpers or flinches, or tries to bite that shows you have a problem with the spinal cord.
4. Feel the fur — rub the fur for lumps, bumps, and ticks. Rub the fur backwards and if the pets fur falls right back down it means they are well hydrated. If you lift it up and it sinks down like molasses it means they need some kind of coat or skin supplement.
5. Take their temperature — You don’t need to stick a thermometer up the butt, use a
Pet-Temp Instant Ear Thermometer and pop it into their ear and the dog’s temperature should be 102 degree’s.

Dr. Oz

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