Ear Thermometer Testimonials

From Pet Owners

“I am very pleased with the Pet-Temp I purchased to test my dog, Apollo’s, temperature. Not only was it reasonably priced, it is easy for amateurs to use. The sensor will not harm my dog’s eardrum and takes the temperature faster than I could imagine. The shape of the probe is efficient, easy to use, and doesn’t seem to distress Apollo. The temperature is clearly displayed. I highly recommend this product.”

Wendy Gesele, Apollo’s “Mom”

“Thank you so much for the Pet-Temp. My 2 year old Bengal Cat had a FUO (fever of unknown origin) and was in the hospital for two days for monitoring. I was very nervous about taking him home because I was worried that I wouldn’t know if the fever had returned or not. I purchased the pet-temp at my local PETCO and with a little practice I feel much more confident that I can monitor him at home effectively. It is so fast and does not bother him at all. Thanks again for the great product!”

Lisa Scacco, Pet Owner

“We breed and show Cornish Rex cats. While we have been blessed with very healthy babies, on occasion we have had a cat get ill and the easy use and with no added trauma of the pet-temp lets us take the temperature quickly and no stress added to the sick cat. Thanks for a very nice product!”

Trish & Mike, Pet Owner/Breeder

“I’m telling you, this PetTemp Thermometer is just great. We’ve been able to get our cats temps to make sure they are ok. The only problem is trying to catch the cats. lol Anyways, I highly recommend this product.”

“Salsa Dancer”, Internet Review

“I’ve only had this item for a few days, and I feel it has already paid for itself. I have a multiple cat household & do kitten rescue, so the ‘population’ varies a lot. This item is so helpful in that I can instantly (it really does only take one second) determine if the cats/kittens need tratement. So much better than worring and wondering and waiting to take them to the Vet for at temp, or trying to use a rectal thermometer on a cat, and wait 3 minutes (if you can hold them still that long!).”

R. Nelson, Cat Lover

I am currently taking a class in dog and cat CPR/First Aid.  We were told to compile a first aid kid as an assignment.  One of the products needed was either a pet thermometer or a human digital rectal thermometer.  My daughter works at a local Pet Supply chain so she told me about this thermometer that I could use in the animal’s ear.  I know it goes in “The Bitey End”, but I’ve practiced on my own dog, with no reaction.  I think I would have gotten signs of protest if I had been inserting something into “The Waggy End”.  This thermometer is simple to use and  is well worth the price.

S. Rizzo, Pet Owner

“I own two hybrid Savannah cats….There is no way I could take their temperature without the Pet Temp model. Very easy to use.  I highly reccommend.

Keith Franke

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