Tele-View Equine Exercise Endoscope

The Tele-View Equine Exercise Endoscope is an easy-to-use method of analyzing airway restriction problems in the upper respiratory tract during exercise. The Endoscope system is lightweight and halter-mounted and can be quickly moved from one horse to the next. The Endoscope cable is placed into the horse’s nasal cavity with the camera tip positioned above the larynx. This placement gives an excellent view of the epiglottis and larynx, both, at rest and during workouts. The exercise video is then recorded to the SD card, which can be easily transferred to the included computer.


  • Custom-Built Harness
  • Custom Endoscope Cable
  • 2 AC Adaptors
  • Battery Power Supplies
  • Irrigation Bulb/Flushing System
  • Digital Video Recorder with SD Card
  • Hard-Sided Foam-Lined Travel Case
  • Netbook Computer
  • USB & Video Cables


  • Harness Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 Kg)
  • Endoscope Cable Width: 9/16″
  • Endoscope Cable Length: 42″ (106 cm), Custom Lengths Available
  • Light Source: High Intensity White LEDs
  • Batteries: Rechargeable NiMH 6V
  • Power Supply: AC 110v or 220v (please request)
  • Working Temperature: 32º – 140ºF (0º – 60ºC)
  • Video Screen: 3.5″ High Resolution TFT
  • SD Card: 2 Gb


  • Mini-USB
  • Video Out
  • 5 Volt AC In
  • SD Card Port


  • Real-Time Imaging
  • Record
  • Snapshot
  • Video Output Format: NTSC/PAL
  • Digital Video Recorder Battery: Rechargeable Li-Polymer 3.7V
  • Digital Video Recorder Power Supply: AC 100-240V

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