Tele-View USB Video Endoscope/Gastroscope

Tele-View USB Small Animal Gastroscope

The Tele-View Small Animal USB Video Gastroscope make endoscopy ‘simple and easy.’ They work with any Windows computer/tablet and Android devices! Simply install the software and attach the USB plug of the scope to the computer/tablet/Android device and you are all ready to complete your gastroscopy procedure in your office! With this innovative endoscope, you can keep the patient in your office and you won’t have to send these procedures to the local Surgical Center!

The Tele-View Endoscopes and Gastroscopes eliminate all the typical standard endoscope equipment (processor, light processor, monitor, rack, etc.) to make gastroscopy ‘simple and easy.’ These scopes utilizes a high resolution sensor and super bright LED lights that give excellent clarity and illumination. As they are video scopes, there are no fibers to become damaged which increases the product durability! The scope only weighs 2 lbs (1 kilo) and can easily be used in a surgical/treatment area with your existing computer or tablet. It is perfect for clinics that don’t have the extra space for a large rack mounted system.

Tele-View Air-Water Pump

The software is included at no charge and the high resolution images and video are automatically saved to the computer hard drive. From there, they can be attached to the patient record or sent to the client by e-mail, Dropbox or Google Drive.

The Tele-View USB Gastroscope comes in several lengths and diameters. The small animal models and sizes are as follows:
TV-570: 1.0m x 8.7mm diameter: Excellent for cats to large dogs.
TV-573: 1.5m x 8.7mm Diameter: Excellent for cats to very large dogs.

For Equine use, click here to see Equine Models and Sizes.
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