Order Tele-View USB Video Endoscope/Gastroscope

Recommended Models:
TV-571: 1.0 Meter Endoscope with 9.8mm diameter
recommended for equine airways

TV-576: 3.0 Meter Gastroscope with 12.6mm diameter
recommended for equine gastroscopy

Small Animal
TV-573: 1.5 Meter Endoscope with 8.7mm diameter
recommended for dogs > 15 lbs. and adult cats

Air-Water Pump
TV-801: Rechargeable Portable Air/Water Pump

USB Endoscope/Gastroscope Specifications:

Lengths: 1.0m, 1.5m or 3.0m
Insertion Tube Diameters: 8.7mm, 9.8mm or 12.6mm
Working Channel Diameters: 8.7mm Tip: 2.0mm / 9.8mm & 12.6mm Tip: 2.9mm
Light Source: High Intensity White LED’s
Light Source Power Supply: USB Computer Connection
Working Temperature: 32°-140°F (0°-60°C)
Recorded Video Format: .avi
Weight: 2 lbs. (1.0 Kg)
Weight with Case: 8 lbs. (3.6 Kg)
Weight of Air/Water Pump: 10 lbs. (4.5 Kg)
Computer Requirements: Recent Model Computer (less than 5 years old) with at Least 4GB RAM

Package includes:

  • Camera
  • Light Source
  • Air/Water Channel
  • Working Channel
  • Irrigation Nozzle
  • Control Body with Syringe to Clean Lens & Air/Water Pump Connection
  • Hard-Sided Carrying Case
  • Air/Water Pump Connector Valve

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