TV-200V Wireless Otoscope

The Tele-View® TV-200V

Wireless Magnifying Otoscope

Seeing is Believing

The Tele-View TV-200V Wireless Otoscope easily magnifies and displays patient pathology on any TV or Computer. You will improve client education and compliance by enlarging and presenting problems to clients in real-time. As ‘Seeing is Believing,’ the TV-200V will generate incremental revenue and profits by increasing the number of procedures performed in the clinic.

“The Tele-View Wireless Otoscope has made me much more confident in ear diagnosis and treatment. I can now see even the smallest details on the ear drum much better than when I was a young practitioner with perfect eyesight! Thank you for this new tool for the profession!”

-Miranda Alexander,  DVM – Balboa Vet Clinic, San Diego, CA

Suggested Retail Price $2,495.00*