Tele-View Video Otoscope Testimonials

“The best designed veterinary video otoscope available. We use them every day to generate additional revenue by showing every ear to every client!”
Dr. Albert Nunez,
Animal Hospital at Baldwin Park, Orlando, FL

“I just want to tell you how much we love the TV-200 wireless video otoscope.  Since we started using it, we have wowed our clients with this unit.  It always amazes people to see the ear canal of their pet on the screen in the exam room.  To see ear mites crawling around in the ear building their little earmite condos is absolutely amazing (and disgusting, LOL).  We see a lot of exotic animals here and it’s the best way to evaluate the cheek teeth in rabbits and rodents.  Now that we have this device we don’t know how we lived without it.  It has improved patient care tremendously and it paid for itself many times over.  Clients who are MD’s say our image quality is better than what they see with their wired systems.  Also, thank you for the awesome customer service.”
Carl Finkstrom, DVM
Lunenberg Veterinary Hospital, Lunenburg, MA 01462

“The Tele-View Wireless Otoscope is a fantastic tool for displaying ear pathology! The magnifying and digital features make it not only easy to use but also help to educate clients on the necessity of the recommended treatment. I am very pleased with the way the controls provide easy, one-handed adjustment while I’m watching the viewing screen. I recommend this innovative otoscope for any clinic!”
Dr. Rex Bach
Norwood Animal Clinic, S.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“The Tele-View Wireless Otoscope has made me much more confident in ear diagnosis and treatment. I can now see even the smallest details on the ear drum much better than when I was a young practitioner with perfect eyesight! When coupled with an inexpensive monitor, clients can see the ear problems and it’s an easy next step to generate additional treatment revenue. Thank you for this new tool for the profession!”
Miranda Alexander, DVM
Balboa Vet Clinic, San Diego, CA