From Veterinarians and Pet Professionals

“A great product! Every pet owner should have one.”

Robert A. Taylor, DVM, MS – Emergency Veterinarian as seen on TV

“The animal ear thermometer is a great product that we use on a daily basis in our Intensive Care Unit. It allows our technicians to quickly and accurately measure the ear temperature of both dogs and cats.”

F.A. Mann, DVM, MS, Director of Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Services – University of Missouri

“We use the professional version of the Pet-Temp on a daily basis. This innovative product makes temperature measurement of animals a simple and easy procedure. I recommend the Pet-Temp for quick and accurate monitoring of the family pet.”

Jeff Werwa, DVM – Cincinnati Animal Medical Center

“I am the happy owner of a Pet-Temp Pet Thermometer. I am a volunteer for an animal rescue group. I deal with the cats and just dread taking rectal temperatures. I am sure the cats dread this, also. Using the Pet-Temp is much more convenient, and more pleasant, than trying to use a rectal thermometer on a scared cat. I can honestly say that the Pet-Temp is much less stressful on these rescued cats and kittens. I hope I never have to be without one.”

Deborah Mason – Animal Rescue Volunteer

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