What We Do

Advanced Monitors Corporation designs high quality medical devices for human medical professionals, veterinary medical professionals and pet owners.

For the Human Medical Market, AMC sells the Tele-View Wired and Wireless Video Otoscopes. These products allow the user to display the ear canal and ear drum on any TV or computer. These videos and images can then be saved directly to the patient’s record.
See EV-300 (wireless) and EV-400 (wired)

For the Veterinary Medical Market, AMC sells the Tele-View Video Otoscopes and Tele-View USB Endoscopes, the Tele-View Equine Dental Camera, the Vet-Temp Instant Ear Thermometer, the Vet-Temp Digital Thermometers and Surgical Lasers.
See Vet Products for horses, pets, and small animals.