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Advanced Monitors Corporation designs, manufactures and sells innovative diagnostic devices for the medical marketplace. These essential products include feature-rich digital video otoscopes, wireless endoscopes and thermometers. The Tele-View Digital Video Otoscopes allow clinics to easily display ear pathology on any TV or computer. The TV-200V Otoscope transfers the video feed in a wireless ... Read More


“I am very pleased with the Pet-Temp I purchased to test my dog, Apollo’s, temperature. Not only was it reasonably priced, it is easy for amateurs to use. The sensor will not harm my dog’s eardrum and takes the temperature faster than I could imagine. The shape of the probe is efficient, easy to use, and doesn’t seem to distress Apollo. The temperature is clearly displayed. I highly ... Read More

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Advanced Monitors Corporation 7098 Miratech Dr. Ste. 130 San Diego, CA 92121 US/Canada: 877-838-8367 x102 International: 01-858-536-8237 ... Read More