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Advanced Monitors Corporation designs, manufactures and sells innovative diagnostic devices for the medical marketplace.  These essential products include feature-rich digital video otoscopes, wireless endoscopes and thermometers. The Tele-View Digital Video Otoscopes allow clinics to easily display ear pathology on any TV or computer.  The TV-200V Otoscope transfers the video feed in a ... Read More


“I am the happy owner of a Pet-Temp Pet Thermometer. I am a volunteer for an animal rescue group. I deal with the cats and just dread taking rectal temperatures. I am sure the cats dread this, also. Using the Pet-Temp is much more convenient, and more pleasant, than trying to use a rectal thermometer on a scared cat. I can honestly say that the Pet-Temp is much less stressful on these rescued ... Read More

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Advanced Monitors Corporation 7098 Miratech Dr. Suite #130 San Diego, CA 92121 1-877-838-8367 (877-VET-TEMP) x102 Email ... Read More