About Us

Advanced Monitors Corporation designs, manufactures and sells innovative diagnostic devices for the medical marketplace.  These essential products include feature-rich digital video otoscopes, wireless endoscopes and thermometers.

The Tele-View Digital Video Otoscopes allow clinics to easily display ear pathology on any TV or computer.  The TV-200V Otoscope transfers the video feed in a wireless format and the less expensive TV-200X utilizes a wired video output cable for demonstration.  Both of these products allow users to easily and quickly display ear problems for pathology validation.

AMC is a San Diego, California based company that has been selling innovative medical products since 1998.  AMC has worldwide distribution for many of our products, however, if you cannot find our products from a local retailer or distributor, you can order directly from AMC via our website or by contacting AMC at 877-838-8367 x102 or by Email: [email protected].