Ekuore Digital Stethoscope

Ekuore digital stethoscope

The eKuore® Vet II is an electronic veterinary stethoscope with the ability to transmit auscultation to smartphones, tablets, speakers, ear plugs, and headphones. This unique device amplifies the auscultation sounds 20 times allowing the user to share the heartbeat sound along with the corresponding phonogram with their clients. It’s also excellent to use with earplugs or headphones for hearing-impaired clinicians.

Ekuore digital stethoscope

The recorded auscultation and phonogram can be stored in the patient record or sent to specialists for further interpretation. The eKoure is available in a Client Education package that includes the Ekoure Basic Electronic Stethoscope, a Wireless Transmitter, and a Bluetooth Speaker. This package allows for direct transmission of the sound to the Bluetooth speaker without the use of a cell phone for optimal clarity. It can also interface with a cell phone to see the Phonogram by downloading the included Application. The Premium Package includes the eKoure Basic Electronic Stethoscope, Ear Plugs, Headphones, and a Speaker and is optimal for Hearing Impaired Clinicians.

Ekuore digital stethoscope

This innovative stethoscope meets the needs of Veterinary Clinicians that either want to share the auscultation with their clients or that need a little extra amplification for hearing impairment or both!

What does it do?

  • Increases the volume
  • Records the auscultation
  • Applies heart and lung filters
  • Displays the phonogram
  • Shares the auscultation easily

Ekuore digital stethoscope

Use Cases & Benefits

Ekuore digital stethoscope
Interact with Customers
Listen jointly and explain the patient´s diagnosis easier.

Ekuore digital stethoscope
Record & Visualize the Auscultation
Enables a much more precise follow-up of the patients.

Ekuore digital stethoscope
Increases the performance by students and improves their understanding.

Ekuore digital stethoscope
Objective Follow-Up
Compares the patient’s condition objectively over several periods of time.

Ekuore digital stethoscope
Hearing Impaired
By setting the volume, they can have an auscultation according to their needs.

Ekuore digital stethoscope
Share the Auscultation
It can be checked quickly with a specialist vet.

Ekuore digital stethoscope

Ordering Information


Ekuore digital stethoscope

For more information or pricing, call Gena at 760-696-2237 or send an email through the Contact page.


  • Transmits Auscultation to Cell Phones And Speakers
  • Records the Auscultation
  • Displays Phonogram on Cell Phones
  • Adjustable Volume
  • Heart & Lung Filters



    • Share Auscultation with Client
    • Share Phonogram with Clients

Save Auscultations and Phonograms and Send to Specialists if Needed
Use with Ear Plugs/Headphones for Hearing Impaired


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