Medical Video Otoscopes

Advanced Monitors Corporation sells the following three products to medical facilities. These are the Quick-Temp Rapid Digital Thermometer, the RocketScope Video Otoscope and the CryoIQ Cryo-Surgical Device. These products add value to a clinic or hospital at reasonable prices.

Quick-Temp Rapid Digital Thermometer

Quick-Temp Rapid Digital Thermometer

This is an affordable and accurate rapid thermometer suitable for oral or rectal measurements. The digital thermometer gives accurate readings in and Fahrenheit or Celsius. Results in only 10-15 Seconds! User-changeable battery operated.

Wired Video Otoscope

The Wired Rocketscope Video Otoscope easily magnifies and displays patient pathology on any TV or computer. Improve patient education and compliance by enlarging and presenting problems to patients in real-time.

cryosurgical device

CryoIQ Cryosurgical Device

The CryoIQ® handheld devices give clinicians the ability to apply extreme cold to treat skin lesions and remove abnormal or diseased tissue with accuracy and efficacy, either in their office or on a mobile basis.