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Testimonials for Tele-View Video Otoscopes
“The best designed veterinary video otoscope available. We use them every day to generate additional revenue by showing every ear to every client!” ~ Dr. Albert Nunez, Animal Hospital at Baldwin Park, Orlando, FL
“I just want to tell you how much we love the TV-200 wireless video otoscope.  Since we started using it, we have wowed our clients with this unit.  It always amazes people to see the ear canal of their pet on the screen in the exam room.  To see ear mites crawling around in the ear building their little earmite condos is absolutely amazing (and disgusting, LOL).  We see a lot of exotic animals here and it’s the best way to evaluate the cheek teeth in rabbits and rodents.  Now that we have this device we don’t know how we lived without it.  It has improved patient care tremendously and it paid for itself many times over.  Clients who are MD’s say our image quality is better than what they see with their wired systems.  Also, thank you for the awesome customer service.” ~ John M. Ehrhardt, DVM, Wenona VetCare, Wenona, IL
"I find the Tele-View Digital Video Otoscope to be an extremely valuable and cost-effective tool in the exam room for client education and diagnosis. When a client sees the pathology, it raises compliance of treatment at home, especially when the client sees progress at recheck appointments. It motivates clients to consent to and follow-through with treatment and rechecks. We have both wireless and wired units, and are extremely pleased with the value-added performance for both examination and surgical use." ~ Carl Finkstrom, DVM Lunenberg Veterinary Hospital, Lunenburg, MA 01462
“The Tele-View Wireless Otoscope is a fantastic tool for displaying ear pathology! The magnifying and digital features make it not only easy to use but also help to educate clients on the necessity of the recommended treatment. I am very pleased with the way the controls provide easy, one-handed adjustment while I’m watching the viewing screen. I recommend this innovative otoscope for any clinic!” ~ Dr. Rex Bach Norwood Animal Clinic, S.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin
“The Tele-View Wireless Otoscope has made me much more confident in ear diagnosis and treatment. I can now see even the smallest details on the ear drum much better than when I was a young practitioner with perfect eyesight! When coupled with an inexpensive monitor, clients can see the ear problems and it’s an easy next step to generate additional treatment revenue. Thank you for this new tool for the profession!” ~ Miranda Alexander, DVM Balboa Vet Clinic, San Diego, CA

Testimonials for Pet-Temp Ear Thermometers
"I am very pleased with the Pet-Temp I purchased to test my dog, Apollo's, temperature. Not only was it reasonably priced, it is easy for amateurs to use. The sensor will not harm my dog's eardrum and takes the temperature faster than I could imagine. The shape of the probe is efficient, easy to use, and doesn't seem to distress Apollo. The temperature is clearly displayed. I highly recommend this product." ~ Wendy Gesele, Apollo's "Mom"
"Thank you so much for the Pet-Temp. My 2 year old Bengal Cat had a FUO (fever of unknown origin) and was in the hospital for two days for monitoring. I was very nervous about taking him home because I was worried that I wouldn't know if the fever had returned or not. I purchased the pet-temp at my local PETCO and with a little practice I feel much more confident that I can monitor him at home effectively. It is so fast and does not bother him at all. Thanks again for the great product!" ~ Lisa Scacco, Pet Owner
"We breed and show Cornish Rex cats. While we have been blessed with very healthy babies, on occasion we have had a cat get ill and the easy use and with no added trauma of the pet-temp lets us take the temperature quickly and no stress added to the sick cat. Thanks for a very nice product!" ~ Trish & Mike, Pet Owner/Breeder
"I'm telling you, this PetTemp Thermometer is just great. We've been able to get our cats temps to make sure they are ok. The only problem is trying to catch the cats. lol Anyways, I highly recommend this product." ~ "Salsa Dancer", Internet Review
"I am currently taking a class in dog and cat CPR/First Aid.  We were told to compile a first aid kid as an assignment.  One of the products needed was either a pet thermometer or a human digital rectal thermometer.  My daughter works at a local Pet Supply chain so she told me about this thermometer that I could use in the animal's ear.  I know it goes in "The Bitey End", but I've practiced on my own dog, with no reaction.  I think I would have gotten signs of protest if I had been inserting something into "The Waggy End".  This thermometer is simple to use and  is well worth the price." ~ S. Rizzo, Pet Owner
"I own two hybrid Savannah cats....There is no way I could take their temperature without the Pet Temp model. Very easy to use.  I highly recommend." ~ Keith Franke

Testimonials for Vet-Temp Thermometers
"I purchased the Vet-Temp Instant Ear Thermometers at WVC last year and we are quite liking them, especially with being a Fear Free practice. Thank you. " ~ Dr Ian Schraa, Rappaw Veterinary Care, Wellington, New Zealand
"I am very happy with your ear thermometer." ~ Matthew Dunaif,D.V.M.
"At first, I was very skeptical of the animal ear thermometer because I heard several negative rumors. However, after I tried it in our clinic, I found the Vet-Temp to be a valuable diagnostic tool for quick screening in the exam rooms. The clinic has benefitted tremendously from this inexpensive device as it saves an hour a day of labor, causes less irritation to the patient and the clients love it!" ~ Tim Lesch, DVM, Hoof and Paw Animal Clinic Belleville, IL
"Thanks for checking on our Thermometer order.  All arrived safely before our Noon staff meeting.  They were put to use right away.  Everyone is enjoying their new toys!  No drops or problems getting a good reading so far!  Hopefully our clients are liking the change a lot also!  (Monday aft. Is my “manager time” – so I’m not seeing appointments right now.  Can’t wait to see them in action!)   Thanks Again!" ~ Don and Lisa Burno, Pulaski Veterinary Clinic
"A great product! Every pet owner should have one." ~ Robert A. Taylor, DVM, MS – Emergency Veterinarian as seen on TV
"The animal ear thermometer is a great product that we use on a daily basis in our Intensive Care Unit. It allows our technicians to quickly and accurately measure the ear temperature of both dogs and cats." ~ F.A. Mann, DVM, MS; Diplomate ACVS, ACVECC Director of Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Services University of Missouri-Columbia Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Testimonials for Tele-View USB Endoscope/Gastroscope
The Tele-View USB Gastroscope exceeded expectation in almost every way. Although price was the initial draw of this scope, its portability and ease of use is unequalled. The Tele-view USB's 13mm diameter fits easily up the nostril, but resists unwanted bending as it passes into and down the esophagus. Connection to a standard laptop via the single USB cable both powers the scope and records high quality video. The option of using a hand pump and syringe for insufflation and flushing, provides for exceptional portability in the field. I've used many gastroscopes over the years, and, this is by far the most portable and best balance of affordability and functionality that I have seen.” ~ Shaun McKane, BVSc BSc(vet) PhD Dip. ACVIM Dip. ECEIM MRCVS, Cotts Farm Equine Clinic, Narberth, UK
We used the Tele-View 3 meter Gastroscope for a recent study. It had very good illumination and resolution and allowed for good visualization of the entire stomach. The system worked as well or better than any other I’ve used. We scoped 33 horses one morning and everything went smooth with no problems. The whole process worked well.” ~ Scott McClure, DVM, PhD, Midwest Equine, Boone, IA
The picture and video ability is impressive to clients. The three meter scope has, as expected, been a major surprise to clients. Ulcers are a big thing with all clients, especially the barrel racers. We don't advertise, they do it for us! Trainers love the living color and the excellent detail the small scope has. They are not used to seeing the throat themselves. Had a trainer watch me scope the barrel horses yesterday and he remarked he'd never seen the pathology that clear before. I think the scopes will rank up there with transitioning from x ray plates in leather bags in the backseat to going to digital x-ray and instant viewing!” ~ J.W. Clement, DVM, Lake Hamilton Equine Associates, Hot Springs, AR
The Tele-View 3M Gastroscope has been an excellent tool for our practice. Set up in the field is quick and easy. The picture is of excellent quality, comparable to the fiber optic gastroscope I previously used in a clinic. Due to the image quality and the ability to use with any laptop or tablet, client education and communication is simple and easy while performing the procedure. In fact, the Gastroscope works so well, we've scoped 70 horses in the first three months! Lastly, customer service and support has been exceptional.” ~ Maia Aerni, DVM, Neil H Gray DVM, P.C., Burbank, CA
"One of the best investments we have made as a practice!  Great image quality and portability.  Unmatched customer service and a great overall product!  The unit is already paying for itself faster than we expected!  Highly recommended for the ambulatory practitioner" ~ Jim Meyer, DVM, Sonoma Marin Veterinary Service, Petaluma, CA
I have been using a 3.0 meter scope purchased from Advanced Monitors for about a year now to diagnosis gastric ulcers in the horse. The durability of the scope withstands the constant stress of a mobile equine practice. The software is easy to use and provides a clear picture for the client in the field. Incorporating the scope has been a practice builder in diagnosing ulcers and incorporation a treatment plan. My practice is largely composed of performance horses and the diagnosis and treatment of gastric ulcers is a game changer.” ~ Scott Meyer D.V.M., M.S., Desert Mountain Equine, Queen Creek, Arizona
I use your scopes on a daily basis now and am very glad. The USB-scope is easy to use in all circumstances and it does not need any equipment: the scope and the laptop are enough. This is a big advantage as I can scope the horses everywhere I want and do not have to take them towards the endoscope tower...really cool. The quality of the videos is great also. Lasering with it is perfect.” ~ Dr. Olivier Brandenburg, Dr’s. Leser, Korner & Brandenburg, Tierklinik Wiedaugrund, Rotenburg, Germany
I Bought 1M and 3M recently and love them. Great customer service.” ~ Randy Lewis, DVM, Key City Veterinary Clinic, Abilene, TX
Rick, thanks for thinking about us.  I have made many equipment purchases in my 38 year veterinary career, some good and some not so good.  One of my luckiest discoveries was your booth at NAVC and one of my best purchases was your scopes and you can quote me on that. “ ~ Dr. Reed Harrison, Rose Hill Veterinary Clinic, Rose Hill, Kansas
We happened upon your product because we were looking for an affordable endoscope that was easily portable for  an ambulatory practice. Not only did we get a system that is user friendly, light and portable and has an excellent image, we found a great support team. Thank you.” ~ Mich Ferraro, VMD, Millbrook Equine Veterinary Clinic, Millbrook, NY
>We have been very pleased with your endoscope system!  It has worked well for us with both dogs and cats.  We have been doing a lot of upper and lower GI studies as well as BALs too.  System works great, is easy to operate, and takes great pictures and videos to show the clients.” ~ Dr. David Ihrke, Colonial Manor Animal Hospital, Homer Glen, IL 60491

Testimonials for Tele-View Dynamic Exercise Endoscope
"So yesterday I used your scope the first time on a racing Standardbred. It worked out perfectly! The horse supported very well the scope and the harness. The most positive thing was that the image was very, very stable, even at 1min 25sec for 1000m the image was perfect. I am very, very glad, that I chose this scope and I would like to congratulate you to and your team for this great diagnostic tool.” ~ Dr. Olivier Brandenburg, Dr’s. Leser, Korner & Brandenburg, Tierklinik Wiedaugrund, Rotenburg, Germany
I have used a few different makes of Dynamic Respiratory Scopes and have found the Tele-View to be a dream to use compared to other makes. No wires, no cables, no backpacks, no hassles. The new articulation makes scope positioning much easier and more accurate. The scope stays in place well and my strike rate of diagnostic images has gone up markedly.” ~ Dr. Tom Russell, Victorian Equine Group, White Hills, VIC, Australia
The Equine Exercise Endoscope is very easy to use and provides excellent diagnostic information. This, combined with the low cost of ownership and amazing technical support gives clinicians a lot for their money.” ~ Dr. Keith Taraba, Northeast Texas Equine Services, Pittsburg, TX
I am really happy with the Tele-View Equine Exercise Endoscope. I find it easy to use now that I have overcome my initial doubts about the bend design of the scope. I find the majority of horses, both thoroughbreds and standardbreds, tolerate the scope well. The riders are happy that they do not have to wear a backpack or be involved with the product. The video quality is good and the product has enabled me to observe conditions, which previously, I could only guess about the pathology.” ~ Dr. Huw Llewellyn, Toronto, Canada
Used it on the first 2 year old race horse to diagnose entrapment today. Worked beautiful. Lots of people on hand, of course, and lots of pressure I might add, including their vet. I couldn't be happier!! Sending the horse to the surgery center today.” ~ Dr. J.W. Clement, Lake Hamilton Equine Associates, Hot Springs, AR

Testimonials for Tele-View Equine Dental Camera
I've found this camera so helpful for opening diastemas. Also, when you have a really dominant tooth, it’s great for checking to see how much you can reduce, especially when you are down to reducing just millimeters of enamel. The client response to the camera has been great - one owner was taking pictures of the pics I took to show everyone else. I'd recommend it to any equine vet who does dentals.” ~ Dr. Travis Beasley, Beasley Equine Clinic, Eldorado, Illinois
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