Tele-View USB Equine Endoscope and Gastroscope

Equine Endoscope / GastroscopeEquine Tele-View USB Gastroscope and Endoscope

The Tele-View USB Endoscopes and Gastroscopes are ‘plug and play’ endoscope systems that are ‘quick and easy’ to use. The scopes have high resolution sensors with LED illumination and they work with Windows computers, laptops and tablets and Android devices! Just install the software on your computer and attach the USB connector and you are ‘ready to go’! You can easily record video and snapshots of the procedure to the computer’s hard drive to show to clients.

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With this innovative design, there is no need for a processor, light processor, special monitor or a storage rack. The Tele-View Endoscope/Gastroscope is excellent for both, mobile and in-clinic endoscopy. The Tele-View USB Endoscopes come in 1.0m, 1.5m, 3.0m and 3.5m lengths with 8.7mm, 9.8mm or 12.6mm diameters. The insertion tube includes a high resolution camera sensor, super-bright LED lights, a working channel, an irrigation channel to clean the lens and an air-water channel for lavage or insufflation. A portable rechargeable air-water pump is sold separately. Now you can quickly and easily complete endoscopic procedures without having to carry awkward and bulky equipment!

These video scopes are very robust as they have no fibers to break! The scopes weigh only about 2 lbs. (1 kilo) and can easily be transported from one client location to another.

The software is included at no charge and the high resolution images and video are automatically saved to the computer hard drive. From there, they can be attached to the patient record or sent to the client by e-mail, Dropbox or Google Drive.


Pumps Available (sold separately)

• Battery or Electric Models Available
• 110 Volt or 220 Volt Models Available

TV-801 Rechargeable Air-Water Pump Soft Case

TV-801HCE Electric Air-Water Pump Hard Case

TV-802E Electric Air-Water-Suction Pump Hard Case

All the pump combinations available.
• TV-801: Battery Air-Water Pump in Soft Case
• TV-801HC: Battery Air-Water Pump in Hard Case
• TV-801HCE: Electric Air-Water Pump in Hard Case
• TV-802: Battery Air-Water-Suction Pump in Hard Case
• TV-802: Electric Air-Water-Suction Pump in Hard Case

*Pumps sold separately


Call (877-838-8367 x105) or E-mail To Order Tele-View USB Equine Endoscope and Gastroscope.

Each Tele-View USB Endoscope/Gastroscope has the following features:

  • High Resolution
  • Super Bright LED Illumination
  • Included Software
  • 4-Way Articulation
  • Three Channels
    • Irrigation Channel to Clean Camera Lens
    • Working Channel for Biopsy or Foreign Body Removal
    • Air-Water Channel for Lavage or Insufflation

Air and water can be administered manually via the luer-lock connectors or automatically with the purchase of the optional Tele-View Portable Air-Water Pump.

The Tele-View USB Gastroscope comes in several lengths and diameters. The equine models and sizes are as follows:

  • TV-571: 1.0m x 9.8mm diameter: Excellent for equine endoscopy to the bronchi.
  • TV-574: 1.5m x 9.8mm diameter: Excellent for equine endoscopy into the lungs.
  • TV-576: 3.0m x 12.6mm diameter: Excellent for equine gastroscopy
  • TV-577: 3.5m x 12.6mm diameter: Excellent for equine gastroscopy and duodenumoscopy
  • TV-801: Optional Air-Water Pump

AMC can also supply all needed endoscope accessories such as forceps and channel guides.

For Small Animal use, click here to see Small Animal Models and Sizes.
For Mixed Practices, the Small Animal Version is Perfect (click here)

  • TV-570SC: 1.0m x 8.7mm diameter with suction connector: Excellent for equine airways to the bronchi and for cats to medium size dogs.
  • TV-573SC: 1.5m x 8.7mm diameter with suction connector: Excellent for equine airways into the lungs and for cats to large size dogs.

Contact us for more details and pricing: 877-838-8367 x105 or 858-536-8237 x105; or Email



  • Quick and Easy Endoscopy
  • High Resolution with Super Bright LED’s
  • Display on Computers or Tablets*
  • Air, Water & Working Channels
  • No Processor or Light Processor Needed
  • Easily Record Video to Hard Drive
  • Available in 1.0m, 1.5m, and 3.0m Lengths (Custom Lengths Available)
  • Weighs only 2lbs. (1 kilo)



  • Quick and Easy Endoscopy
  • Show Clients Pathology in ‘Real-Time’
  • No Bulky Processor, Light Processor, Monitor or Rack To Carry
  • More Robust and Durable Than Fiber Scopes
  • Low Cost
  • Assembled and Serviced in the US


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